Meliora Growth

Empowering tech founders and teams to drive sustainable impact


Meliora Growth is a tailored programme that consists of expert-led sessions, where I assess with tech founders challenges and growth opportunities and assist them in their process of learning and reaching solutions faster to complex business issues.What makes this programme different is its focus on founders who are also committed to their own personal growth and looking to develop growth mindsets in their organization. I truly believe that driving sustainable impact must be rooted in people's practices that inspire and enable positive change.I am Ana Stoica and since the pandemic, I have been proudly serving tech founders and leaders from 15+ countries all over the world, exclusively online.Our work starts with exploring together your vision and misalignment gaps and from there, we co-create the strategy, long and short terms goals and the implementation plan, to support goals achievement for critical business needs and driving alignment for various business challenges and at organisational level.

PCC Professional Certified Coach

What to expect?

If you are a tech founder foreseeing a growing team, I am delighted to invite you to join Meliora Growth.Some examples of challenges we can work together:

  • Your company is looking for external finance and you need a business expert to co-develop an Investment Readiness Roadmap, assisting you with a structured process to think through the various readiness dimensions including leadership team capability, product, market and financial strategy.

  • Your company just received seed funding and now you need to figure out how to hire the right people quickly – in the middle of a labor shortage.

  • A leader wants to ehance management skills, including delegating, getting great feedback, communicating her strategy and taking care of her own mental health.

  • You want to learn how to ask the right questions to enhance your strategic thinking.

  • Your leadership team wants to make strategic business decisions faster.


  • Tailored approach to fit your goals

  • On-demand support

  • A technology-driven collaboration with a solid business expertise

  • Tools to enhance your capabilities



I would be happy to talk further, to assess together your growth challenges and needs. I invite you to schedule a meeting with Ana and also check the subscription plans today!

Our collaboration is performed through an exclusive and secure digital space, allowing us to work and communicate seamlessly and measure progress over time. Project communication, tasks, contracting, invoicing, online payments, sessions scheduling and more are all in one secure digital space, exclusively for our customers.As I envision our joint effort as a win-win partnership, there is no minimum contract period. However, I would suggest having around five expert-led sessions focusing on a specific challenge, in order to make and measure progress towards agreed goals. Progress looks different for every company, but I know growth is at the heart of getting your business to reach its full potential.



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Meliora Growth1 Month Subscription Plan6 Months Subscription Plan12 Months Subscription Plan
Pricing690 usd / month3450 usd / 6 months. Save 1-month subscription = 690 usd6900 usd / 12 months. Save 2-months subscription = 1380 usd
Number of credits included for individual and team sessions (coaching, mentoring and other expert-led sessions). / Credit limit per month5 / Credit limit per month30 / No credit limit per month60 / No credit limit per month
Access to an all-in-one digital platform web and app (setting goals, tracking progress, scheduling sessions, video conferencing, resources, invoices, communication and more to have all in one place).includedincludedincluded

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