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Our storyMeliora was founded with a simple mission: to help founders pursue better ways to grow their businesses and themselves. Meliora is Latin for “better”. Our motto is “Semper ad meliora”, which means “always towards the pursuit of better”.During the pandemic, we supported founders and teams to navigate through complex challenges and continue to grow their businesses.We are proud to have served founders and teams from more than 20 countries exclusively online.Today, Meliora Growth is our dedicated unit for digital coaching and mentoring services, helping businesses to scale through education technology and on-demand experts.We are committed to providing high-quality digital coaching and mentoring services to scale and finance innovative businesses around the world, empowering founders and teams to drive sustainable impact.Business model and servicesWhat makes Meliora Growth different is its focus on founders and teams who are also committed to their own personal growth and looking to develop growth mindsets in their organisations. We truly believe that driving sustainable impact must be rooted in people's practices that inspire and enable positive change.Meliora Growth provides innovative businesses around the world with the opportunity to enjoy our digital coaching and mentoring services with our membership packages. Businesses can choose a 1-month, 6-month or 1-year membership package with a certain amount of credits that can be used for our services. With a minimum of 2 people, a company can become a member of Meliora Growth and enjoy the benefits of our digital coaching and mentoring services. There are no requirements to plan in advance coaching and mentoring sessions or people who will benefit. On-demand basis, everyone from your team can book individual or team coaching sessions with an expert, to work on their challenges and goals.A lead expert and ICF credentialed coach will support your team through digital coaching and mentoring sessions. What sets us apart is that all our experts are also credentialed coaches by ICF (International Coaching Federation) who are handpicked and matched by a lead expert according to your business growth needs.Our experts offer digital coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams in the following areas:

  • Strategy (Business, Product, Go-to-Market).

  • Operations (Data, Systems, Processes).

  • Performance (Business, Financial, People, Organisational).

  • Investment readiness.

  • Financial well-being.

  • Mental health coaching.

  • Executive development.

  • Leadership development.

  • Career development.

  • Soft skills development.

PCC Professional Certified Coach

What to expect?

When you join Meliora Growth, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • A personalised development plan for your business and personal growth, based on your needs, goals, and challenges.

  • A dedicated expert who will guide you through the plan, provide feedback, support, and accountability.

  • Access to resources on topics such as innovation, investment readiness, scaling, financing, leadership, and more and tools to enhance your capabilities.

  • Regular progress reports and reviews to track your achievements and identify areas for improvement.

By joining Meliora Growth, you will not only grow your business, but also your skills, knowledge and confidence.
You will notice the benefits of joining Meliora Growth in various aspects of your business, such as:

  • Cost savings: You will make faster and better decisions, increase your productivity, and gain new insights to optimise your business performance.

  • Wellbeing and positive behavioural change: You will enhance your own and your employees’ wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction. You will also foster positive behavioural change that will support your business goals and values.

  • Workplace belonging at scale: You will create a culture of belonging and inclusion in your workplace, where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. You will also improve your employee retention and engagement rates, as well as attract new talent.

By joining Meliora Growth, you will transform your business and yourself for the better.To help you make a quick and smart decision to join Meliora Growth, here are some examples of challenges we can assist you with:

Created with
  • Your company is looking for external finance and you need a business expert to co-develop an Investment Readiness Roadmap, assisting you with a structured process to think through the various readiness dimensions including leadership team capability, product, market and financial strategy.

  • Your company just received seed funding and now you need to figure out how to hire the right people quickly – in the middle of a labor shortage.

  • A leader wants to ehance management skills, including delegating, getting great feedback, communicating her strategy and taking care of her own mental health.

  • You want to learn how to ask the right questions to enhance your strategic thinking.

  • Your leadership team wants to make strategic business decisions faster.



My name is Ana Stoica, founder and lead expert of Meliora, an award-winning expert and a certified professional in finance and human resource development. (ICF-PCC, CIPD),Book a consultation with Ana to discuss the challenges and needs of your business growth.In this initial call, Ana will get to know your business and your team, understand your key priorities and goals, and explore how digital coaching and mentoring services can help you achieve them. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process, the benefits, and the expectations of joining Meliora Growth membership.This call will be the first step towards creating a personalized development plan for your business and personal growth.

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Take action now and discover the Meliora Growth membership packages today!You will find a range of options to suit your business needs and budget, and you will get access to exclusive services that will help you reach solutions faster and easier to scale and finance innovative businesses around the world.We leverage cutting-edge technology and our extensive business expertise to deliver customised services that suit your needs and preferences.Our collaboration is performed in an exclusive and secure digital space that allows us to work and communicate seamlessly while measuring progress over time. Project communication, tasks, contracting, invoicing, online payments, session scheduling and more are all in one secure digital space exclusively for our customers.I see our collaboration as a mutually beneficial partnership, where we work together to achieve and track the goals we set. Progress looks different for every company, but I know growth is at the heart of getting your business to reach its full potential.Whatever your aspirations are in innovation, growth, leadership or entrepreneurship, we are ready to provide you with the right expertise at the right time.



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Meliora Growth1-Month Membership Package6-Month Membership Package1-Year Membership Package
Pricing690 usd / month3450 usd / 6 months. Save 1-month Membership = 690 usd6900 usd / 12 months. Save 2-month Membership = 1380 usd
Number of credits included for individual and team sessions (coaching, mentoring and other expert-led sessions). / Credit limit per month5 / Credit limit per month30 / No credit limit per month60 / No credit limit per month
Access to an all-in-one digital platform web and app (setting goals, tracking progress, scheduling sessions, video conferencing, resources, invoices, communication and more to have all in one place).includedincludedincluded

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