Meliora Growth

Empowering tech founders and teams to drive sustainable impact

Hello Founders

How often have you asked yourself, how aligned is your organisation? And how this is slowing down on sustainable impact?
Is your vision clear enough for investors, employees, partners and customers?

I am Ana Stoica and I can share from my experience of working with founders since 2007, that some founders become aware of the risks of misalignment when the company is more complex and complexity makes organizational alignment much harder.

That's why I created Meliora Growth as an exclusive and secure digital space, empowering tech founders and teams to drive sustainable impact through 1:1 individual and team coaching.

My work starts with exploring the vision and misalignment gaps and from there, we co-create the strategy, long and short terms goals and the implementation plan, to support goals achievement for critical business needs and driving alignment for various business challenges and at organisational level.

What are the extended benefits?

  • Create awareness of the risks of misalignment

  • Create ownership for alignment

  • Expand your organizational capabilities


If you are a tech founder foreseeing a growing team, I am delighted to invite you to join Meliora Growth.
Our work with you and your team will be realized through a secure digital platform, with flexible technology, allowing us to work seamlessly, with standardized and measurable coaching across all coaching engagements.

  • Goal Planning & Feedback

  • Session Notes

  • Dashboard

PCC Professional Certified Coach

I am looking forward to coaching founders and leaders at scale, building critical skills across all teams, and driving organization-wide transformation and alignment with Meliora Growth.


Communicating and collaborating through the Web App or Mobile App, we co-create individualized goals, action plans, request stakeholder feedback, and measure progress over time.

  • Quickly and easily get a clear understanding of coaching impact in real-time.

  • Centralize communication with all participants in the platform.

  • Automated scheduling, contracting, invoicing, payments, and more.

The technology provided for our collaboration is at no cost for the client companies.


I would be happy to schedule a short call to determine if our partnership is worth investing in.

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